June 22, 2005

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

1. What is your name?

2. What year are you born in?
A) 1985 or after.
B) 1983 - 1984
C) 1981 - 1982
D) 1975 - 1980
E) 1974 or before.

3. How much of your identity do you dare reveal to complete strangers online?
A) Nil. No name. No pictures. I want to be completely anonymous.
B) I'll tell you my name. But no revealing pictures.
C) I'll tell you my name and I'll shamelessly camwhore for you.
D) I'll tell you my name, I'll shameless camwhore for you, and I'll even give out my phone number for you to SMS me!

4. What do you think the acronym "RPCN" stands for?
A) Reporters & Political Crusaders Network
B) Rolly Polly Clinic Nurse
C) Rave Party Cheong-ing Night
D) Acronym for some sort of chemical, like Rivotril Pseudoephedrine Chlordiazepoxide Nitride
E) Really Powerful Coco Nuts

5. When with a group of people (eg at the workplace, at home, with friends), you're usually...
A) The leader
B) The listener
C) Somewhere in between

6. How often do you drink alcohol?
A) I drink very little / never drink because I get drunk easily / I'm underaged.
B) About once every few weeks for social reasons.
C) I drink heavily but I don't smoke.
D) Smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish.

7. How devoted are you to your religion?
A) Super devoted. I live my everyday life by the religion.
B) Devoted enough to do my religious duties automatically without being asked to by my family.
C) I believe in it, but only to a very small extent. I'll do my religious duties only when asked to by my family.
D) Religious books should be filed under 'fiction' in the bookstore.

8. Let's throw away your common sense for a while. Your plane crashed and you are stuck on a deserted island. You found a box with the following items: a digital camera, a bottle of alcohol, a toy helicopter and The Bible.You're only allowed to have one of them. Which one would you take?
A) The digital camera. So I can snap photos and talk about it when I'm rescued.
B) The bottle of alcohol. It might make me dehydrated, but at least I'll have fun while I'm dehydrated.
C) The toy helicopter. Totally useless but at least you have something to pass time with.
D) The Bible (or other religious literature). Nothing to do mah pray lor.

9. What's your first reaction when you heard about 'Sarong Party Girl' flashing her boobs on her blog?
A) Mmmmm.... titties!
B) See until dun wanna see already.
C) Breast is just another organ, like nose or ears. No big deal about that.
D) What she has done reflects badly on her parents.

10. I know the answer. But just for confirmation... Who is STILL the hottest, sexiest, best-looking blogger in the whole wide world?
A) Kenny Sia

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